We are Cindy and Brittany, a mother/daughter duo from Rockwall, Texas. We are unlike most business partners you will see running a successful business. Mom has the 'artsy fartsy' brain and Brittany has the 'business' brain. So you put the duo together and you have a recipe for some really fashionable babies and toddlers running around! 

So who is Steeli Bean? Steeli is a funky, sassy, and hilarious five year friend of ours that represents all that we stand for. We want our business to be fun and different, just like Steeli. "The Beans" are Brittany's boxer babies that we refer to as "Stella Bean" and "Willy Bean." So we combined the funky Steeli and baby boxers to create "Steeli Bean's."  

A passion for fashion started many years ago in our family. Cindy's mother owned many boutiques in Garland, TX, so she grew up attending markets and learning about how to run a successful retail business.  We started this journey a few years ago only as a dream. Now that our dream is our reality we couldn't be happier with the outcome. Our goal is to always partner with designers that create affordable, fashionable, and comfortable clothing for babies and toddlers. Thank you for supporting our vision to outfit all the babies around in the cutest, comfiest clothing. 

Cindy & Brittany